Thursday, January 29, 2009

Massage Envy

Woohoo! im finally dipping my feet in the pool of massage therapy!!! i am now offfically employed at Massage Envy at the redwood location :) so anyone wanting a great massage come and ask for me, anngilee!

im so glad that things are finally falling into place. ive been worried for a little bit about how things were going to go for me, and yes, ive always wanted to get into massage professionally, but ive always had that littlee fear. well, since being laid off at kenworth, that has given me the umph to get moving forward :) and low and behold, its working out great so far! yay! see, 2009, its a great year already. i get a new job, my boyfriend comes home in two weeks, i get to spend a long vacation with him in california, im getting 'A's in my art program.....ahhhhh, things are going well. oh, and whats greater still, is that i am really enjoying chior in my ward, im slowly building relationships up and im so glad. its hard going to church and having no one to talk to. i do miss my old ward, but im here where im at for a reason. yup yup

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