Thursday, January 29, 2009

Massage Envy

Woohoo! im finally dipping my feet in the pool of massage therapy!!! i am now offfically employed at Massage Envy at the redwood location :) so anyone wanting a great massage come and ask for me, anngilee!

im so glad that things are finally falling into place. ive been worried for a little bit about how things were going to go for me, and yes, ive always wanted to get into massage professionally, but ive always had that littlee fear. well, since being laid off at kenworth, that has given me the umph to get moving forward :) and low and behold, its working out great so far! yay! see, 2009, its a great year already. i get a new job, my boyfriend comes home in two weeks, i get to spend a long vacation with him in california, im getting 'A's in my art program.....ahhhhh, things are going well. oh, and whats greater still, is that i am really enjoying chior in my ward, im slowly building relationships up and im so glad. its hard going to church and having no one to talk to. i do miss my old ward, but im here where im at for a reason. yup yup

Thursday, January 22, 2009

twists in life

falling deeper in love doesnt mean life becomes simple and problems fix themselves. no, in my case life is getting a little bit trickier. im not saying that i am exempt from the trials of life, its just that possibilities just opened up to me and i dont know which one to take. you see, i am now one of the many looking for work in this economic mess. i got laid off along with 30 other good people at my job. well, former job.

i am now a licensed massage therapist, and i am trying to gain a position as a massage therapist at a spa, but even that has been a challange so far. Brandon will be home feb 14th (my own valintine!) and i want to move to cali to be closer to him, which of course he is all for, but i fear moving there. ive always wanted to branch out and go new places and live an adventure if you will, before i get married and have children, but its tricky leaving all i know back here in utah. im still thinking. i would love to be close to him, he has to stay in cali for a few reasons for now. it will be interesting to see how things play out in the future i think.

brandon and i are doing wonderful, i still think that he is the most amazing person on this earth, though he will tell you different. he's my blessing. i am flying to california to meet him off the bus at camp pendleton and then i get to spend a week there with him just us. im so excited!!! then we are driving to utah so i can meet more of his family and he can meet mine :).

you know, i never pictured myself with a military man. i was always afraid of the time away and the fears and worries that came with that. i actually told myself i wouldnt date anyone in the military. Brandon tells me that after this he is getting out, that he is done and wants to be home. he has served his time and i more than happily support him in this, but something new for me, i support him in whatever it is he feels he needs to do. i would wait forever for him. i do worry, but everything is different, and im ok with my military man. i hope i never loose him. i have more respect and understanding-if only a little glimps of understanding- for the families, mothers wives and children who have fathers over seas. its not easy, but to all those faithful back home, i respect them. my man is wonderful and he is doing his best out there. im greatful to him for what he does for us. he takes no thought of himself. its his job. and i love him.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

New Joys

So with the change of the seasons comes the beginning of a new chapter in my life. so many wonderful events are taking place that my whole self is filled with happiness and i'm excited for every new corner i turn. The thing is, is that i know things happen for a reason and i believe that for whatever reason things happen the way they do they do happen for a purpose. ack! its just figuring out what that reason is and staying calm till things fit into place. :) well, things have been fitting into place for me lately and its been wonderful!

August, September, October and November have brought a few new surprises that i never would have guessed would of come. for starters, i've buckled down and scheduled to take my national certification for massage and bodywork exam. i will be taking it this friday! wish me luck! i've been studying my brains out and i feel my retention level has dropped %75! panic! pre-jitters im sure. i'm very nervous and unsure about changing jobs at this time with economy in such disarray, that im trying to come up with a good plan so as to stay as stable as possible during these times. maybe keep my job and do massage part time? hmm.... we shall see.

This year i celebrated my 21st birthday! so to celebrate my wonderful friends aubrey and darshiki and i took a weekend trip down to moab to shop, camp and swim. it was a great get away from everything, and the stars were beautiful! at night aubrey and i taught darshiki a few songs and she taught us some from her home in kenya. it was a lot of fun, except for breakfast lol. wanna know, you'll have to ask haha.

oh! and you havent met my little kitty have you? his name is Egypt :) jose and i got him together when he was only a few weeks old. he's soo cute!

this is a picture of him sitting in my lap while i did some scrapbooking. sweetheart! i miss him... he lives with jose and, oh! some more new news on here, jose and i are no longer together. he's a great person but he is not the one i am meant to be with. him and i still work together for the same company and talk, but we have both moved on. he now has a cute girl who i think fits his life style better and i have found a wonderful man who i feel completes me. his name is Brandon A. Williams. he is currently serving as a corporal in the united states marine corp. (im very proud of him) he's been over in iraq for forever now... he is currently on his third and last deployment, which will be over within a few months from now, im so happy! it will be wonderful to have him back home and safe.
(~he's going to kill me for putting this picture up! lol~)

its kinda a funny story behind us, i met brandon a little over a year ago actually. first time i met him he was dressed up in his dress blues when he came to visit his best friend while on leave from iraq... his best friend happened to be jose... yup :) i was dating jose at the time that i met brandon. the first night i met him he dedicated a song to me (very romantic man!) and now, a year later, he rededicated it to me as his girl. now dont think this is messed up, brandon never would try to steal his best friends girlfriend away. it was 6 months later after jose and i had broken up that brandon even mentioned his feelings for me. and even then it was only after brandon had talked to jose and asked for his permission to even try to date me did he make any move.

well, so since then brandon and i have been dating, and he's been wonderful. my heart throb :) brandon, me, jose and his girlfriend monica went on a few double dates just a few weeks ago while brandon was on leave. we had so much fun! we actually met up on halloween where we went bowling and out to dinner at the cheese cake factory mmmm mmm! the next day we went dancing at studio 600. i was so afraid, i dont dance and all three of them seemed to be 10 times more experienced than me! he made me feel like i had talent lol. after a bit of struggling he told me to close my eyes, .... and he danced with me.... this is for anyone who's never tried this before! go dancing and have your partner lead while you close your eyes! it feels so wonderful and almost mystical, everything changes and it feels like flying!

he is such a wonderful person, i really didnt believe there was someone out there that was as wonderful as he is. when he picked me up saturday night i was in such low spirits. to cheer me up not only did he surprise me with a rose, but he took me on a horse drawn carriage ride around temple square and up into the avenues! i cant stay sad around him. less than a week after he left utah i came home to find a large vase of flowers waiting for me in my bedroom! ....he's too nice to me. i dont deserve him. but im glad he loves me! needless to say, anngilee is twitterpaited.....

Friday, June 13, 2008

faster pased job wanted

Blah blah blah blah. Im sitting at work annoyed (but im still ok) cause i am finding it very difficult to find work to keep me busy. i have gone around to everyone asking if there was something that i could do for them... nope. my job is needed...i cover breaks and lunches for the cashier and receptionist...and i do money deposits in the mornings and afternoons...but its still not enough to keep me going all day. I'd say i have about 3 hours were im out of work. but no, coming in later is not a i wish it were...

i like the company ive been with it for two years now, but i need a job that will keep me busy.
i like staying busy, it gives me a rush getting stuff done. anyone with job openings let me know!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

First Train Trip

Hey! i wanted to share with you my last trip that i took out of good ol' salt lake city. i left december 14th and returned on the 16th. it was a blast. it was a 15 hour train ride from slc, utah to denver colorado. i made the trip with my boyfriend jose, and my best friend aubrey and her boyfriend der. ok, so i got a little motion sickness and that wasnt fun, but it was a new experience for me and i would do it again if i could.

This here is a picture of our train on the way to denver. very snowy out there. but it was beautiful, there was a lot of iced over rivers and unique designs made by the snow on the hills and mountains. i am hoping that i can take another train ride during the summer and see all the green that will be out. i love the outdoors!

this is the best picture! it makes me happy :) this is jose and i on the train right before making it into denver. we were tired. but i love taking pictures and so he was nice and let me take all the pictures of us i wanted (isnt he great?) ya, im a little picture crazy, but thats ok! we have fun and thats all that counts right?

And this here is a picture of my bestest friend aubrey and her boo der! they rock. i have the most fun when this group of 4 is together. for valentines day we are all going to go hike angels landing in zion national park and we're gonna have a picnic up there. fun huh?!? i know it will be a lit cold, but we're tough, it'll make for great memories! in this picture we are at the hard rock cafe' in denver eating dinner. it was really cool cause that night there were a ton of local bands playin on stage just below us (we were upstairs next to the overlook).

Here is a picture of the stage. if you look closely you can make out the drummer, guitarist and lead singer (hint: the singer is really fuzzy)

it was cool to listen but it was very very loud and so we had to yell at leach other so we could understand what the other was saying. ya, it was a challenge trying to tell the waitress what we wanted to order! lol!

Hey you knew i had to put another picture of jose and i in right? this is us at hard rock cafe'. man i hate flashes on cameras! they make me look transparent white! aaahhh!!! thats ok, what can ya do right?

this was a good night, it was our last night in denver and boy was it a great meal! jose and i decided to get two mexican dishes and share them. mmmm mmm mmm! i cant wait to go to another HRC and try out some more of their deluctible meals! hey, that'd be a fun goal, to try out as many HRC's in different states as possible. haha, i'll let you know how that goes.

This was a cool picture that we took in the elevator up to our room on the 11th floor! the celing was mirror so we started taking pictures of us, haha, that was fun :)

This next picture here big building is the denver art museum which was just a few blocks down and over from our hotel. it was, well...museumy. lots of cool artifacts and pictures. though i got asked not to take certain pictures a lot. geese, ya im gonna sell copies of what i took pictures of...i mean, come on, my friends were in all of them. oh well, still fun stuff. this picture shows aubrey and der walking towards the entrence of the obscure building ;)

this is all made by sand. cool huh? i thought, wow! i could never make that!

All sand! wow

Our trip wasnt very long, and we kept it simple but we all had a lot of fun.

Ahhh, sleep time. there was a lot of that on the train!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I believe in beauty

i recently read a talk given by Pres. Hinkley and it made me happy to think and ponder on the wonders of earth. i just wanted to share this part of it with you to enjoy yourselves....

The earth in its pristine beauty is an expression of the nature of its Creator. The language of the opening chapter of Genesis intrigues me. It states that “the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep.” (Gen. 1:2.) I suppose it presented anything but a picture of beauty.
“And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.” (Gen. 1:3.) And so the creation continued until “God saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, it was very good.” (Gen. 1:31.)
I interpret this to mean that it was beautiful, for “out of the ground made the Lord God to grow every tree that is pleasant to the sight.” (Gen. 2:9.)
I believe in the beauty of nature—the flowers, the fruit, the sky, the peaks, and the plains from which they rise. I see and believe in the beauty of animals.
I see and admire beauty in people. I am not so concerned with the look that comes of lotions and creams, of pastes and packs as seen in slick-paper magazines and on television. I am not concerned whether the skin be fair or dark. I have seen beautiful people in all of the scores of nations through which I have walked. Little children are beautiful everywhere. And so are the aged, whose wrinkled hands and faces speak of struggle and survival.
I believe in the beauty of personal virtue. There is so much of ugliness in the world in which we live. It is expressed in coarse language, in sloppy dress and manners, in immoral behavior which mocks the beauty of virtue and always leaves a scar. Each of us can and must stand above this sordid and destructive evil, this ugly stain of immorality.

Blessings in the form of Friends

this morning i was just thinking about friends and i thought that id like to add my 2 cents about them.......
starting off in high school i had tonz of friends~!~ i loved it, i love talking to people and being involved in things. but as my junior year hit things started to change. i joined an academy that took me away from my school for over have the day every day, and though i greatly enjoyed this academy i felt that it caused me to loose touch with many of the students that previously i had been great friends with. from there on out i had but few friends.
that was really hard for me at the time since i had been so used to being surrounded my smiles and jokes. after high school i attended the utah college of massage therapy and there made a few good friends, and many great acquaintances. i graduated from there, people went there own ways and time moved on as it always does.
it was just this morning though that i realized that 1- i have more friends than i had thought, and 2- that though i may not have tonz of friends, all the friends i do have are really great people. aubrey r, my best friend, has been with me for 8 years and a little under 2 years ago her brother and my sister got married, thus tying us into family relations (we're not complaining ;) ). she and i have had differences, but its almost comic when we fight..if you can call it that. we always end up laughing and saying oh well, then go get ice cream :) she and i definitely have a stronger bond than most i think. we are able to strengthen each other where others cannot, and we both tend to mimic each other in our failings and successes. i can talk to her about anything in the world and know that i will receive wisdom beyond years from her. grateful for that!
then there's april s. my best friend from UCMT. shes the one who got me to start thinking for myself and helped me take my first real step out into the world of living on my own and helped me greatly understand that i am still young and have a long way to go, not to worry quite yet. :)
next theirs Phister...well, Cassie, but we all call her phister.
she and i most of the time have different opinions about many-a-thing, but she understands and respects my beliefs and she is kind and considerate about not putting my ways down. she has been the girl that i can talk to and know that she wont judge, but kindly give me her advise and thoughts of wisdom on the matter. i learned from her that life can still be lived in abundance even when your world is falling all around you. another friend of mine that i would like to talk about is lindsay w. she is a sweet girl. we have not always shared the same views, and she is one friend that i have struggled with, thinking i could never be friends with again. but through time we have been able to use our big issue together, instead of against each other, and she has helped me to be able to see over the problem and now she is able to help bring me back up to where i was before when hard times hit. she is a bubble of fun!
there are other friends of mine that i am also grateful for, but i do not get to talk with or see much. i dont want them to think i am leaving them out, i am thinking about them! everyone i have come in contact with has given me knowledge to use in my earthly journey and i am grateful and thankful for them as well.

i am grateful for friends. definitely one blessing that helps rid a person of many curses :)

True friendship multiplies the good in life and divides its evils. Strive to have friends, for life without friends is like life on a desert island…to find one real friend in a lifetime is good fortune; to keep him is a blessing. — Baltasar Gracian

Monday, May 14, 2007

Weekend Paint

Exciting news (maybe only to me, lol)
i am moving back to my old town that i miss so much! my new place is not as nice as my old place, and im even paying a bit more as well, but when i think about how i feel to be in the neighborhood, it really is worth it. i have moved some of my stuff in there but im not stationed their quite yet. this weekend i have spend painting the walls to help it look better after having to patch up the wall due to holes in it from the previous owner, but thats ok with me, its looking so much nicer with the new colors on the wall. i will be updating this page when i get some pictures taken and download them on here, so more to come!

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Dreams of Comfort

i had a dream last night that was different then any dream ive had before.
it was me and a few other family members (though i didnt know any of them) and we were just doing some cleaning in the house, like the dishes, the floor, cleaning off counters, putting stuff away, shinning up items and tables, etc. what was interesting was that during all this we were talking casually about a bunch of stuff, when one of them took over the conversation and he was like teaching us, casually as he kept cleaning.(i mainly was cleaning the dishes) the part that was cool to me, was that i remember knowing that this man that was talking to us was God. ya, it was cool. he was older (not grandpa old, but older) and i remember being calm, doing what i needed to do and he just kept talking to us, then he came over and helped me dry the dishes while somebody else washed some more. he talked calmly about a lot of stuff though i only remember him mentioning my mom and what she's been up to in heaven (she died from Cancer in 1998). i dont remember what he said she was doing, but it was like she was helping out a lot up there with people. i wish i could remember what he said about her.
i liked that dream

that was special to me, and i dont want to forget it.

Friday, May 4, 2007

Sunday will Come

ever feel down?
though i have so many wonderful things in my life i still have those moments of grief. awhile ago i came across TUT, a message from the Universe. which is a daily email of inspirational quotes and thoughts. i have found that reading these have really given me new hope and perspective, or have simply made me smile (along with many other sources of love and inspiration, aka: family, scriptures, friends, the gospel, and my Heavenly Father (((with all these resources everyones personal treasure chest is always overflowing!))) ) so i wanted to be able to share these pictures and their words of wisdom in hopes of helping somebody else.
its nice to know that whenever there is something in your life that just is so hard, almost unbearable, its not the end of the world. for every extremely low time in your life...if you look.... there is something that is very high in that same point in time as well. God will not leave you with nothing, in fact, he will not leave you. take the person in this world that you have loved more than anybody else, and times that love by infinity....... and thats how much love God has for you, his most precious child.

thats a comfort to me when i feel like i am all alone, that He is still there, and my mother standing right along side him, they stand right by my side and help me get through the tough and lonely nights. there have been times when i feel closer to them and times when i have felt as far as i could possibly be from them. i hate those moments because i know its my doing. i guess that is a part of life, i am learning. im grateful that i am able to learn from my mistakes and that it is possible to be happy again. you just keep going.
i think one of my struggles that i had (have) struggled with was/is self-esteem. i know facts, i know God is there and i am his daughter. but when you are constantly comparing yourself with others it is easy to degrade yourself without realizing it. im doing so much better, and im beginning to really feel the value of self worth, and the power of prayer. just the other day i felt the wonderful power that prayer brings. i was struggling, not really for myself, but for a person that was struggling very much inside. there wasnt much i could do, in fact, i was at a point i couldnt even talk to this person-by their request. i was very sad because i care so much for this person and its hard to sit by and let people make their own mistakes, learn from their own lessons, even if they fall a few times in the process (especially hard when you see how they could easily avoid these falls but they refuse to make wiser decisions). i really hope that my friend will make it back, they're so unhappy. a light it gone that once flourished. i prayed for this person, and myself. i prayed that i would be able to be a friend if needed and i prayed that He would watch over my friend. its hard to describe how i felt inside at that time, but during and after my prayer i was able to feel how i had not felt in a long time, and i was able to be at rest, the worry and fear for my friend subsided and i was filled with a peace of knowing that even though i could not help my friend, Heavenly Father was there watching and helping my friend for me. i guess if you have to give up something then God is the best one to give it up to.
to my friend are missed by are cared about by more...and prayed for by tons.
for other sources of comfort when i have been at a computer and feeling down i have found an abundant site full of talks and lessons that have greatly helped me put things into perspective. that site is actually their library is full of topics and discussions and ideas that it brings hope. thank you for modern technology :)
oh, i also wanted to mention the title of my blog...."Sunday will Come" it is a talk that i found at that really is able to help you endure the never ending night. its amazing, you should look it up.
if you enjoy these pictures and would like to see more of them then you can at :)

Thursday, May 3, 2007

There's a First Time for Almost Everything

My first blog!
I think im going to enjoy writing my own blog.... i surf the internet a lot due to my boring but easy desk job and so i have come across many- a-blog from people and ive enjoyed reading them all. though i cant guarantee that my entries will be exciting or anything, life isnt interesting every second unfortunately (dont get me wrong, i love life, but 8 hours sitting at a desk can add to the pool of boredom!).
i think my intentions for this blog will be simply to write down my thoughts on whatever matter i think of at the time that i find of interest to me and the daily happenings in my life. ...i guess that is what everyone else blogs about isnt it??? eh, oh well, im sure my opinions and life will be very much different from the days of others, right?
i dont know how this is going to turn out, but please, if you have a thought, opinion or even criticism in your mind please leave me a comment and let me know! im up for anything that would make my blog better!

and let it be known, my entries might turn out sporadic, i may post up to 5 blogs in one day, or not one in a week, we shall see how things turn out!